5 Biggest Small Business Website Blunders

Let’s assume your small business has a website. Congrats!
You currently represent approximately 49 percent of small business owners!
Now, when was the last time you updated your website?
Congrats! I believe the sound I’m hearing right now is crickets. Recently I was
seeking directions to a small business, so I did what any other 2017 individual
with a smart phone would do. Google it. Google gave me the options of
directions, phone number or their website. It had been a year since I was on
their website so I thought I’d check it out to see what was new. Nothing,
nada, zip. You lost me at outdated.
Why does that matter? Because 2 team members who are no
longer with the dental practice are still perceived to be a part of the team.
No mention of the welcoming of the new team members. Content is outdated.
Social media options are non-existent. If you want to reach today’s buyer, even
in dentistry, you must update your website often.
1. Call To Action 
Tell me
what you want me to do. Be bold! Do you want your patients to call you for an
appointment? Do you want your patients to schedule an appointment online? Do
you have a form or a page that your potential patients can view your payment
options or insurance? Your practice phone number & email must be easy to
locate on every page. Top AND bottom. If your patients have to work to find it
… the button they will choose is “next” or close.
ahead about your patients. Ask them to give you a testimonial, like your social
media page, ask them how you can make your site more user friendly while
providing health services.
2.  Social Media Links
you blog on your website, use the links used for your quotes, have social
shares and comment boxes available.
3.  Video
you have a clinical video or an influencer / expert who explains oral health in
a fun way that your patients can relate to and inquire about?
 Examples are my
interviews on Coffee Chats or topics on Hump Day Happenings.
4.  Outdated Content
the last entry you have made. Share the news releases or have your twitter feed
show. You will find a vast amount of relevant information on twitter and
retweet what information aligns with your practice.
content on health. Post content on digital services, CEREC, mouth guards,
dental implants, oral home care products you have in your practice. Have links
that go to those sites for more info AND have a Call To Action for questions on
any of the mentioned.
5.  Outdated Team Page
a team member is no longer with your practice take them off your website, your
social sites immediately.
does that say to a new team member when prior team members pictures / bio are
alive and well. Could it be awkward if a patient notices?
When you do hire another team member,
ask for a profile picture until you decide when to invest in updating team
photos professionally. Give a bio, their role in your practice and an option
for a patient to ask a dental assistant a question on their crown, veneer,
impressions or the dental hygienist on nutrition risk factors for tooth decay
or what to expect during pregnancy & how your dental hygiene appointment
will be valuable to both mom and unborn baby.
Websites reflect your brand, service,
and expertise. Outdated websites waste time by giving inaccurate or old
You ask your patients to invest
thousands of dollars for your expertise, often being something they can’t see.
I’m asking you to consider respecting their time in something you can’t see.

I’m curious as to what YOU think about your dental practice website! 

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 Thanks for joining me!

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