5 Self-care Apps For Mental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

This road trip takes us on a route for well-being during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dare to self-care using 5 awesome apps for mental health & motivation during a highly stressful time in your life!
Technology gifts us the ability to accomplish well-being!
I’ll share 5 apps that target mindfulness, resilience & empowerment!
FREE to download, some have extended their support or free trials during the COVID-19 crisis! What can you do if in-app purchasing, not an option? I’ve got you covered!
1) All 5 have a website with FREE blogs & resources
2) All 5 have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Take advantage of their messaging!

  1. Calm
  2. Talkspace
  3. SuperBetter
  4. Happify
  5. Headspace
5 Self-Care For Mental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

How To Make Money At Home During COVID-19 Crisis | Selling Clothing Online

How can you make money from home while going through our health crisis being COVID19? By cleaning out your closet! I’ll share 2 platforms that continue to work successfully for me.

Do you have clothes, shoes, purses, costume or other jewelry, etc. that you do not wear anymore?

Here are 5 steps to your online selling success with Tradesy and Poshmark 1) Create an account on both platforms because it gets your items seen by more people.

2) Photos of your items. Use your smartphone. Make sure the background is not busy. This is where you begin your customer’s experience. Take front and back, any accents you believe that may not be seen + the tag that shows the brand name and size.

3) Get a notebook and write as this is what you will reference when you upload your pictures. Write out the brand name, size, inseam, or any relevant measurements of the item you are selling. Write about what you would look for when you shop online! These are valuable keywords! Women’s’ Top, long sleeve, short sleeve, activewear, etc. Next tell a story about your items, like how that customer would wear it, with what shoes or accessories. Can this go from day to night, etc.

4) Price. Determine your price and view it often. You can change it or lower it accordingly.

5) Shipping. You are offered either shipping by these companies or you pay for shipping. Your choice. Just pack your item with tissue paper and a thank you note to your customer.

Back To School Dental Checklist

Every Wednesday I share tips on how to live a healthy life based on my background in dentistry. As summer begins to wind down, back to school health exams are in full swing.

Dental health is connected to your physical & emotional health. Did you know that approximately 30% of kids in the US will miss thousands of hours of school each year due to dental problems? Kids who have dental pain will have trouble concentrating in school and get lower grades.

Let’s start with what you as parents should expect from your child, teen, or young adult’s back to school dental exam.

I promise you that you WILL learn from this list!

Let me know what was most helpful to you!

Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It!


Dental Anxiety & CBD Oil

I remember experiencing dental anxiety at a younger age before & during my health & wellness visit with my dental hygienist. Okay, yes I could have better oral hygiene with my braces, yet she had the personality of the Night King! Who wouldn’t be terrified of that for 30 minutes?

Approximately 30% of adults in the US are affected by anxiety. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were to offer a healthy solution to manage some degree of anxiety without using opioids?

This week’s video blog, I answer a viewer’s question regarding dental anxiety and CBD oil. View and share your thoughts!


Menopause | 3 Oral Health Side Effects

Did you know that 60% of women who have systemic symptoms of menopause will have an oral manifestation? YIKES! As IF hot flashes, insomnia and vaginal dryness were not enough!

  1. Increase Risk for Dental Caries
  2. Altered Taste
  3. Bad Breath / Oral Malodor
  4. Mucositis
  5. Difficulty Removing Dentures

The most common oral health side effect associated with menopause is xerostomia. Xerostomia is another word for dry mouth. Prescription medications, OTC medications, auto-immune diseases, tobacco, alcohol, smoking or vaping are just some of the contributors to dry mouth. How can that impact your oral health?

The second oral health side effect is periodontal disease and/or osteoporosis. Let’s begin with the recommendation of being screened for both in effort to give you a base line in moving forward with prevention or treatment.

Medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) is alarming. Discuss with your dental hygienist, dentist and healthcare team if you have been on a high dose of antiresorptive medication for more than 2 years to treat cancer. Ask about additional medications that may be contributors.

Periodontal disease has been linked to smoking or vaping tobacco & marijuana. Yes, some studies has shown that smoking marijuana may help alleviate some menopause symptoms. CBD oil may be a better option for you to look into verse smoking or vaping.

The third oral health side effect is a long list of oral manifestations. Buckle up!

Burning mouth syndrome, candidiasis, angular cheilitis, lichen plants, pemphgoid vulgaris, Sjogren’s syndrome and ulcers.

Be empowered with this health information and proactive in recognizing what your body is telling you AND showing you! Surround yourself with a powerful dental and healthcare team, determine which products will be your best fit and live your life in abundant health!

Traveler Health Tips

A few weeks ago, my husband and I traveled to St. Lucia for our vacation. We planned to hike the Gros Piton and even trained for it! What we didn’t plan on were the potential emergencies that can happen when you are out of the country!
It was a warm summer day; our group had tenaciously climbed to the top of that mountain! I’ll admit it, this was one of the most physically and emotionally challenging excursions I had ever experienced, and yes, the view was magnificent!
With 2400 sq feet up, it was time to make it back down. What could go wrong?
One member of our group was lagging, I could hear them shuffle their feet, which is unusual given the terrain. After asking a few questions, it seemed as though they were showing symptoms of being hypoglycemic. Not one person in our group had any glycemic tabs or gel, electrolyte tabs, power or beverages or food. We only had water left.

I asked our guide where the nearest hospital was, and he answered: “the next island over.” WHAT?!

Thankfully, another group was also coming down the mountain and had everything we didn’t. They gladly shared everything, sugar tablets, electrolyte drink, and half a sandwich. Within 20 minutes, our group member was visibly better and physically ready to continue down the mountain.

After we returned safely to our hotel, we looked up how many people have perished on this excursion. The average is one person dies every year due to heat stroke or heart attacks.
This statistic plus the recent events for US travelers to the Dominican Republic inspired me to share travel health tips.

Preparation for a vacation can beat an unwanted staycation

View below and get this information!

BONUS! For fun, enjoy our instructional video for body shots over age 50!

Traveler Health Tips, Websites & Smartphone Apps

Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It



Kids, Dogs, and Danger in Hot Cars

Every summer, heatstroke claims the lives of children and pets who are left in hot cars.

What can you do if you have your kids or pets with you in the car running errands?

Here are the facts; heatstroke is the number 1 cause of death in an automobile for kids under age 14! Isn’t that crazy?

Newer cars will have technology placed to help prevent this tragedy yet what if you don’t have a new car? I’d suggest leaving your purse, computer or anything you will need to take with you once you get to your destination in the back seat with your infant or young child.

What about your pets? Did you know your pet can die in your hot car in as little as 6 minutes? I’ll give you 5 tips to follow when you are running errands in the summer heat!

  1. Drive Up Services. Go online and order via stores like Walmart or Target. Utilize their drive up services! This is SO convenient! Your pet will thank you too!
  2. Cooling Pet Products.Even though you are in your car, air conditioning will not be the “fix” to keep your pet cool. Check out the various cooling pet products like a vest, bandanna, or collar. It will help to keep them at a healthy core temperature.
  3. Water. Always take water for yourself & kids, yet your pets will benefit from it also.
  4. Doggy Daycare. Even a 1/2 day gives you the freedom to get your errands accomplished without sacrificing the health of your pet.
  5. Dogwalker. If you don’t have a neighbor to ask to check in on your pet, you can look into options like Rover, or Wag.

Be the person your dog thinks you are; DON’T leave them in your hot car!