Hand Washing Song | Revised For Fun

Anastasia’s Hump Day Happenings: Hand Washing Song 

Remember when your mom would ask you “did you wash your hands”? It felt like such a chore! I admit, getting into the healthcare profession + having my dad battle leukemia, my hand washing may be overkill or OCD to some … there are worse habits … like not doing it at all! So Gross!

Truth is; our hands touch so many surfaces from keyboards, smart phones, pens, door knobs, mail, money, shopping carts, gas nozzles, ATM machines, etc. Bacteria simply hitch a ride from that surface to your hand, fingertips, under your finger nails.

Yep! All good until you shake hands, fist pump then BAM! You are spreading disease! Ewwww!

All it takes is soap & water! It doesn’t matter if the water is cold or hot … just wash the front + back of your hand + each finger … it will take you at least 20 seconds!

You can also use 60% alcohol hand sanitizer the same way.

It is for your own protection … and for those around you! Give the gift of health & wash your hands!


Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It

How Vulnerability & Social Media Mesh

Imagine your life arriving at a place where you felt so alive, thankful and silly happy. Maybe it was your wedding or when your child  or grandchild was born, or when you won your battle with cancer. 
Imagine your life arriving at a place where you felt shock, sadness from your loved one’s sudden death. Confusion & frustration try to unravel you. 
Now, imagine an unexpected collision of happiness & sorrow. It is a perfect storm that will demand you to choose to adapt to life’s changes or submit to living life in chains. 
The passage through grief is unique to each person. I am fully aware of every stage and allow myself to feel the raw emotions and spontaneous tears. 

The responsibilities following death of our loved ones is a full time job that no one interviews for yet somehow lands. 

Every day I’m one step closer to accomplishing the goal in getting fired from this “job”.
Because of that, I’m a bit slow at returning to full speed ahead and apologize in advance for my delay in response or action. 
To those of you who viewed my LIVE video on FB, thank you for sharing such a vulnerable moment with David and I. Mom was finally understanding the power of social media and her daughter’s role in it … I’m certain she is smiling and scratching her head at how these videos can reach so many people who took the time to encourage, pray and share their heart.  
Life does not end. Life changes. Love remains. 


Award Winning Author Delivers Your 2016 Success and MORE!!

This week’s blog is short and content packed
Excited news to share with dental professionals who are attending our first major dental meeting, Yankee Dental Congress, this January! 

As the Holiday Season continues; take time to reflect on what it is you would like to accomplish for 2016! My friend and colleague Randy Pennington, an award winning author delivers how to make your 2016 a success! 

Wrapping it up; my weekly video blog Anastasia’s Hump Day Happenings shares the results of a survey asking dental hygienists what would be on their wish list! Dentists and dental patients … take a listen! 

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Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It! 


Guest Blog by Siri AND the Genius Bar

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October 2015 Route 32: The Highway To Health
Anastasia Turchetta, RDH

Think Big, Dental Parody & Cleaning Out Your Closet!

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Route 32: The Highway To Health
Anastasia Turchetta, RDH