How Boge 513 Dental Hygiene Instrument Will Help You Survive

How Boge 513 Dental Hygiene Instrument Will Help You Survive!
Coffee Chat with Anastasia | Greater New York Dental Meeting 2016

Thank you to my guest Emily Boge & American Eagle Instruments!

If you are to EVER view a video on dental hygiene instruments, grasp the why behind the design + where it will be effective AND add to your clinical skills …. THIS is the video to view!

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Dental Hygiene Tribute | Dr. Esther Wilkins

Some 28 years ago, I purchased a book “Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist” written by Dr. Esther Wilkins. 
I was honored to have met Esther earlier this year at Yankee Dental Congress. Esther recently celebrated her 100th birthday, completed the 12th edition to our clinical book and still found the time to be open to new ideas for discussing how we … as a collective group can continually & successfully create a culture of prevention for our patients. 

The fact she participated in a new informational format … the inauguration of Coffee Chat with Anastasia still humbles me. 

Thank you Esther … for your vision, passion, boldness, leadership, entrepreneurship & quick wit! You will be missed by all of us. 

Thank you to Crest Oral-B for Dental Professionals!

Enjoy this tribute!

5 Things To Know About YOUR Oral Cancer Screening

Understand that conversations about the risk factors for oral cancer may feel uncomfortable for both patients and their dental hygienists.

Avoiding uncomfortable conversations about risk factors doesn’t save lives. Click To Tweet! 

It isn’t just cigarette smoking. Dig deeper and ask about e-cigs, hookah, cigar smoking lifestyle choices. 
HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. It is a lifestyle risk factor. Your patients deserve to know this AND what symptoms to notice in their mouth. 
Now that the initial conversation has begun, the next 3 actions are where training proves the most valuable.

Think of it as an extra-oral + intra-oral Tour de Tissue screening for health that may save your life.

Interested in a PDF  “5 actions” check list to take to your dental professional  click here
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Cervical Cancer, HPV, Oral Cancer: Education Is A Conversation

Education begins with a conversation. Cervical cancer survival rates have improved dramatically in the past 3 decades. Oral cancer has not. Why?

I believe an alliance must be formed by OBGYN and their team with dentists and their team in effort to save their patient’s lives. HPV is a risk factor for cervical cancer and oral cancer. What I find perplexing is how much resistance there is to have a discussion about prevention, risks and ask for screenings that can identify the current state of health. Early detection saves lives. Click this link for CDC facts on cervical cancer and HPV screening

View how a conversation can be started on this week’s vide blog; ask your dental hygienist about oral cancer screenings via technology and how HPV is a risk factor. 
It isn’t about sex; it’s about cancer.  

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Why You Should Visit Your Dental Hygienist During Pregnancy!

Recently, a viewer asked about whether she should see her dental hygienist or not during her pregnancy. This week I answer that question in the video below!

At least 70% of women who are pregnant experiencing bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity or a toothache. Many will not seek help from a dental professional. If anything, this is the time to take THE best care of you! The current state of health in your mouth will impact your baby. 

Here’s what you may not know about how your dental hygienist can be YOUR health advocate alongside your OBGYN during this amazing journey! 

Your dental hygienist is licensed to co-diagnose and/or treat pregnancy gingivitis, gum disease, pregnancy granuloma, enamel erosion, dentin hypersensitivity, dry mouth, nutritionally guide you during morning sickness, inform you on what to look for regarding your baby being tongue tied, making breast feeding frustrating, painful and malnourishing to your child. Plan for laser treatment to release the tongue tie and guide you and your child with orofacial myofunctional therapy exercises. 

I’m truly surprised how dental hygienists are still viewed at as “cleaning ladies”in 2016 and hope this week’s video shares some insight on our commitment to guide you to health! 

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