How 4 Weird Questions Congress Asked Made Me A Better Business Person

 When I woke up today, I secretly wished the Facebook Congressional hearings were FAKE news or that Ashton Kutcher would magically interrupt to share how we just got “punked”.

I tried. I mean, I REALLY tried to listen with the intent of learning from the questions that our US Congress asked Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And then I pondered…

Do we really pay those who represent us to appear as if they are in some kind of time warp? A time that existed before social platforms, Internet or cell phones?

True story, an EPIC mistake of sharing the personal data of millions of people demands research. Truer story, 44 Senators had an exceptional opportunity to do that and then skillfully create questions for Mark Zuckerberg that would create accountability and elevate responsibility.

Instead, this is what was asked:

  • Is Twitter the same as what you do?
  • How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for a service?
  • My son is dedicated to Instagram so he’d want to be sure I mentioned him while I was here with you.
  • What if I don’t want to receive ads for chocolate?

These questions make you and I better people in 3 ways.

  • Know your audience. You are accountable to research their product, service, event, or company. You must review that research into a reflection of relevance during the many conversations and preparations of your working relationship.
  • Keep your parental gushing out of dedicated business time. It isn’t “everyone gets a trophy time”. This is business. BE actively engaged in the discovery of how you can add value for your client’s success.
  • Step back and pause before you ask a question. If you are not 100% positive about the question you are going to ask is, say your team will look into getting an answer. Give a timeframe that you will be able to deliver that information and make it happen.

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question. I’d add, that well thought out questions illuminate the lane you will thrive in.


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3 Things To Learn From Lady Gaga’s NFL Performance

3 Things To Learn From Lady Gaga’s NFL Performance

NFL Super Bowl 50 was the 3rd most watched TV broadcast in U.S. history!

Whether your teams played, or you wanted to watch the much anticipated half time show, Lady Gaga’s performance singing our National Anthem remains the highlight for many. 

3 Things We Can Learn From Lady Gaga’s Triumphant Performance
1. Learn To Infuse Emotion. 
She sang with heart, conviction and vulnerability that somehow reached every single one of us. Remember that goose bump feeling or how your eyes teared with such a sense of pride and joy to be an American that moment? Inject the power of emotion into your business, presentations, articles and clients. 
2. Prepare for the Dare. 
The initial announcement that Lady Gaga was chosen to sing our National Anthem at Super Bowl 50 may have had some thinking …. the entire NFL was suffering from concussions. 
Can you imagine the preparation for this incredibly majestic & musically challenging anthem? Lady Gaga accepted this dare and weaved her robust vocal range into an exceptional experience few had every accomplished. She had a new opportunity to grow and blaze another trail instead of being the same and stale. 
Do you seek new opportunities or are you stale? What strategies can you hold yourself accountable for professional growth. 
What would it be like IF you prepared new stories FOR your audiences, expanded your robust vocal range FOR your tribe on your blog, coaching, product development, video, presenting, clinical skills? I DARE you to see what happens!

3. Brand Awareness. 
Lady Gaga IS a brand. SHE breathes it.
It isn’t about reinventing. It’s about being fully aware of who you serve. It’s about strengthening your ability to willingly adapt and deliver the connection you created with your clients, patients or audiences. When you inhale innovation and invite diversity you’re on the right track baby … 

Thank you for joining me on this road trip! 
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Experts Who Give 2016 Strategies + What Vlogs Were Viewed Most!

This past weekend, I took time to reflect and celebrate goals that were achieved in 2015. I also celebrated goals that were not achieved! 

Why? I believe some goals, whether personal or business, deserve another strategy for success. How to decide the deserve-ability factor in keeping them is determined by how attached to them you are. This edition of Route 32: The Highway To Health has TWO guest bloggers who share how to get YOUR best 2016 strategy for success! Click here!

Who says dentistry is a dry topic? 
2015 celebrated Coffee Chats with Anastasia! 
Interviews are lively as products are discussed all while indulging in a great cup of coffee or tea! 
I am honored to capture my guests’ passion on how they or their products can make our lives easier and our patients lives healthier! 

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View Top 5 Video Blogs in 2015!! Comment on your favorite!  
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Thank you to ALL my guests! 

What topics would you like to see this year on dental care, health, or branding? 

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