Stroke Recovery | Dental Hygiene Home Care

Every 40 seconds someone in the US will have a stroke. 

Did you know that the loss of eight or more teeth in elderly stroke patients has been linked to poorer cognitive function?

Very few articles discuss dental hygiene home care with stroke recovery on popular stroke resource sites … 
although this is a vlog … my hope is that someone will ask their dental professional about this challenge.

Facial paralysis, difficulty swallowing and muscle weakness make dental hygiene at home a challenge when recovering from a stroke. This places one at risk for tooth decay, an active bacterial infection, gum disease, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, bad breath & contributes to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. 

I have witnessed thousands of dollars in beautiful dentistry be destroyed by poor oral hygiene. Dentures, dental implants, crowns, crown & bridge, veneers, periodontal disease treatment and more … that have been eaten by bacteria until the rot of disease becomes painful or life threatening. 

 We are not treating teeth …we ARE nurturing health ~ Anastasia Turchetta RDH

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5 Health Reasons For Chapped Lips

Climate changes contribute to dry, flaky, chapped lips! This can be so sore depending on the location! If it is around the corner of your lips, it makes opening your mouth to eat a painful experience! And what is the ONE thing most of us continue to do in effort to “feel” a sense of relief? We lick our lips! 

Saliva has digestive enzymes … which have zero impact in moisturizing our lips! I know this and yes … still do it! 

View what 5 health reasons can cause chapped lips & what lip balms to consider! 

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Cervical Cancer, HPV, Oral Cancer: Education Is A Conversation

Education begins with a conversation. Cervical cancer survival rates have improved dramatically in the past 3 decades. Oral cancer has not. Why?

I believe an alliance must be formed by OBGYN and their team with dentists and their team in effort to save their patient’s lives. HPV is a risk factor for cervical cancer and oral cancer. What I find perplexing is how much resistance there is to have a discussion about prevention, risks and ask for screenings that can identify the current state of health. Early detection saves lives. Click this link for CDC facts on cervical cancer and HPV screening

View how a conversation can be started on this week’s vide blog; ask your dental hygienist about oral cancer screenings via technology and how HPV is a risk factor. 
It isn’t about sex; it’s about cancer.  

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Why You Should Visit Your Dental Hygienist During Pregnancy!

Recently, a viewer asked about whether she should see her dental hygienist or not during her pregnancy. This week I answer that question in the video below!

At least 70% of women who are pregnant experiencing bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity or a toothache. Many will not seek help from a dental professional. If anything, this is the time to take THE best care of you! The current state of health in your mouth will impact your baby. 

Here’s what you may not know about how your dental hygienist can be YOUR health advocate alongside your OBGYN during this amazing journey! 

Your dental hygienist is licensed to co-diagnose and/or treat pregnancy gingivitis, gum disease, pregnancy granuloma, enamel erosion, dentin hypersensitivity, dry mouth, nutritionally guide you during morning sickness, inform you on what to look for regarding your baby being tongue tied, making breast feeding frustrating, painful and malnourishing to your child. Plan for laser treatment to release the tongue tie and guide you and your child with orofacial myofunctional therapy exercises. 

I’m truly surprised how dental hygienists are still viewed at as “cleaning ladies”in 2016 and hope this week’s video shares some insight on our commitment to guide you to health! 

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Experts Who Give 2016 Strategies + What Vlogs Were Viewed Most!

This past weekend, I took time to reflect and celebrate goals that were achieved in 2015. I also celebrated goals that were not achieved! 

Why? I believe some goals, whether personal or business, deserve another strategy for success. How to decide the deserve-ability factor in keeping them is determined by how attached to them you are. This edition of Route 32: The Highway To Health has TWO guest bloggers who share how to get YOUR best 2016 strategy for success! Click here!

Who says dentistry is a dry topic? 
2015 celebrated Coffee Chats with Anastasia! 
Interviews are lively as products are discussed all while indulging in a great cup of coffee or tea! 
I am honored to capture my guests’ passion on how they or their products can make our lives easier and our patients lives healthier! 

Click here to view YOUR choices as a patient or dental professional!  

View Top 5 Video Blogs in 2015!! Comment on your favorite!  
My fave is “I Got Bills”! 

Thank you to ALL my guests! 

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Award Winning Author Delivers Your 2016 Success and MORE!!

This week’s blog is short and content packed
Excited news to share with dental professionals who are attending our first major dental meeting, Yankee Dental Congress, this January! 

As the Holiday Season continues; take time to reflect on what it is you would like to accomplish for 2016! My friend and colleague Randy Pennington, an award winning author delivers how to make your 2016 a success! 

Wrapping it up; my weekly video blog Anastasia’s Hump Day Happenings shares the results of a survey asking dental hygienists what would be on their wish list! Dentists and dental patients … take a listen! 

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Think Big, Dental Parody & Cleaning Out Your Closet!

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