Bored Is The New Busy

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were busy. Busy was our lifestyle. Busy was our excuse for not exercising, nurturing friendships, learning or doing something new, etc. Busy became an addiction to the endless availability of environmental stimulation. 

Enter boredom. 
Our activities are restricted. Now we are unable to find environmental stimulation.  

Bored is the new busy. 

Anastasia Turchetta

Bored is the new busy. It doesn’t have to be. 
Freidrich Nietzsche described boredom as “the unpleasant calm that precedes creative acts.” 

What if we didn’t run from being bored? What if, we visited with it, taking a peak internally and in that stillness unlock our own creativity or transformation? 

Sound crazy? 
Isaac Newton created calculus and William Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” and “Macbeth” during a pandemic.  

What will you create, learn, or discover?

Me? I’m learning to write more content on personal growth & work-life wellness. I’d also like to complete a children’s book.

Stroke Recovery | Dental Hygiene Home Care

Every 40 seconds someone in the US will have a stroke. 

Did you know that the loss of eight or more teeth in elderly stroke patients has been linked to poorer cognitive function?

Very few articles discuss dental hygiene home care with stroke recovery on popular stroke resource sites … 
although this is a vlog … my hope is that someone will ask their dental professional about this challenge.

Facial paralysis, difficulty swallowing and muscle weakness make dental hygiene at home a challenge when recovering from a stroke. This places one at risk for tooth decay, an active bacterial infection, gum disease, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, bad breath & contributes to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. 

I have witnessed thousands of dollars in beautiful dentistry be destroyed by poor oral hygiene. Dentures, dental implants, crowns, crown & bridge, veneers, periodontal disease treatment and more … that have been eaten by bacteria until the rot of disease becomes painful or life threatening. 

 We are not treating teeth …we ARE nurturing health ~ Anastasia Turchetta RDH

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