What To Say or NOT! Grief Advice During The Holidays

The Holidays are about keeping family traditions, creating memories and spreading some Christmas spirit. If you have lost a loved one, it is important for those around you to grasp the magnitude of how grief will impact you.

Loss is loss. And the Holidays are especially difficult to endure when you are grieving. People may have the best intentions yet they also say things that make you want to respond with “Did you seriously just say that?” or  “Did you not get hugged enough as a child to say something so insensitive?”

The worst grief that anyone will ever experience is your own.

Why aren’t we pausing before we speak to someone before blurting out something that is not comforting? At times when emotions are very raw from grief, consider the following suggestions you can do to communicate with compassion. Make your words feel like a hug! Hugs help those who are hurting. Simply stated, hugs comfort.



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Why Is The ADA Seal A BIG Deal?

Jim Carrey

I’m almost as excited as Jim Carrey’s character, Ace Ventura, to share the following news with you!

Did you know that only ONE power toothbrush has received the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance? It is a BIG deal!

FACT: Oral health products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance simplifies the consumers decision to buy. Simply stated, 71% of you trust the products with this seal and move forward in buying it!

What about the recommendations from your dental professional? 3 out of 5 dental patients will invest in the oral health product that was specifically recommended by their dentist, dental hygienist or dental assistant.

The question is has your dental professional shared this information with you?

Have you seen it on their dental practice social media pages?

I can tell you that I have not seen it and yes I DO check dental practice fan pages! Why aren’t they informing their patients? 

There are 8 power toothbrushes that have this honor. I am obsessed with the Oral-B Genius for many reasons. The research to both safely AND effectively remove plaque is proven. The sensor to alert me when I’m brushing too hard will save my gums and discourage tooth sensitivity. Gum recession has many contributing factors, yet brushing too hard is habit driven. The position detection device on the app, makes me feel like I’ve got an oral fitness coach that helps me reach my fitness goal of health! It reminds me when to discard the toothbrush head and replace it! How many times do we forget to replace our toothbrushes even though we’ve noticed the bristles look like they are begging for mercy!

When your smile is fit, your health reflects it!

To gain the ADA seal, your product’s claim can’t be lame. That claim has to be backed up by researching the evidence based studies, investigating the manufacturing process for safety, reviewing the mode of action, therapeutic agents to prove its level of efficacy.  It is a comforting feeling to know that what I recommend to you, for your current state of oral health has received the honor of the ADA seal.

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