Bored Is The New Busy

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were busy. Busy was our lifestyle. Busy was our excuse for not exercising, nurturing friendships, learning or doing something new, etc. Busy became an addiction to the endless availability of environmental stimulation. 

Enter boredom. 
Our activities are restricted. Now we are unable to find environmental stimulation.  

Bored is the new busy. 

Anastasia Turchetta

Bored is the new busy. It doesn’t have to be. 
Freidrich Nietzsche described boredom as “the unpleasant calm that precedes creative acts.” 

What if we didn’t run from being bored? What if, we visited with it, taking a peak internally and in that stillness unlock our own creativity or transformation? 

Sound crazy? 
Isaac Newton created calculus and William Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” and “Macbeth” during a pandemic.  

What will you create, learn, or discover?

Me? I’m learning to write more content on personal growth & work-life wellness. I’d also like to complete a children’s book.

How To Respond To Bullying & Be Better For It!

This video was LIVE on Facebook and has received over 2K views & 100 comments. 
 I am grateful to everyone for your encouragement to speak up about this. 

To disagree is conversational, to disrespect and attack one’s person is deplorable. When the bait to hate is tossed into your water, keep on swimming. Hate bait only catches dead fish. 
I have uploaded it to YouTube in effort to share how we can respond to those who bully so we can …
Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It

What Zip Code Is Your Comfort Zone In?

What Zip Code Is Your Comfort Zone In? 

It was my first group motorcycle ride and my excitement to experience what I call “cage-free” living was palpable. Being new to the group and to riding, I began this adventure in a certain comfort zone. The first day our ride took us out on Peachy Canyon. Twenty minutes in, my adrenalin was pumping… fun, freedom and…fear. The tension increased in my grip, my neck felt tight as I clenched my teeth and there was a moment when, I questioned my both my ability & sanity.

Living in the moment is rewarding unless your gear is fear.
Courage and fear are equally accessible to us, the latter lives in the neighborhood of mediocrity. If I was truly going to experience this ride, then my comfort zone must move to it’s new zip code.

Courage is kryptonite for your comfort zone  

There’s nothing like enjoying the miles and miles of untouched land. Breathtaking views as you reach the top of a mountain, the sensation of peace, joy, and immense gratitude that stirs your soul till you notice yourself smiling so BIG you don’t care that you’ve just eaten a school of gnats!

In order to reach your next destination, you must recognize that certain comfort zones have a date of expiration

What about you? How long has your comfort zone in your personal life or business been living in the same zipcode? Make time to invest in your growth!

Share your story of how your life is enhanced from moving to a new comfort zone!

Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It!