5 Self-care Apps For Mental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

This road trip takes us on a route for well-being during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dare to self-care using 5 awesome apps for mental health & motivation during a highly stressful time in your life!
Technology gifts us the ability to accomplish well-being!
I’ll share 5 apps that target mindfulness, resilience & empowerment!
FREE to download, some have extended their support or free trials during the COVID-19 crisis! What can you do if in-app purchasing, not an option? I’ve got you covered!
1) All 5 have a website with FREE blogs & resources
2) All 5 have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Take advantage of their messaging!

  1. Calm
  2. Talkspace
  3. SuperBetter
  4. Happify
  5. Headspace
5 Self-Care For Mental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

Menopause | 3 Oral Health Side Effects

Did you know that 60% of women who have systemic symptoms of menopause will have an oral manifestation? YIKES! As IF hot flashes, insomnia and vaginal dryness were not enough!

  1. Increase Risk for Dental Caries
  2. Altered Taste
  3. Bad Breath / Oral Malodor
  4. Mucositis
  5. Difficulty Removing Dentures

The most common oral health side effect associated with menopause is xerostomia. Xerostomia is another word for dry mouth. Prescription medications, OTC medications, auto-immune diseases, tobacco, alcohol, smoking or vaping are just some of the contributors to dry mouth. How can that impact your oral health?

The second oral health side effect is periodontal disease and/or osteoporosis. Let’s begin with the recommendation of being screened for both in effort to give you a base line in moving forward with prevention or treatment.

Medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) is alarming. Discuss with your dental hygienist, dentist and healthcare team if you have been on a high dose of antiresorptive medication for more than 2 years to treat cancer. Ask about additional medications that may be contributors.

Periodontal disease has been linked to smoking or vaping tobacco & marijuana. Yes, some studies has shown that smoking marijuana may help alleviate some menopause symptoms. CBD oil may be a better option for you to look into verse smoking or vaping.

The third oral health side effect is a long list of oral manifestations. Buckle up!

Burning mouth syndrome, candidiasis, angular cheilitis, lichen plants, pemphgoid vulgaris, Sjogren’s syndrome and ulcers.

Be empowered with this health information and proactive in recognizing what your body is telling you AND showing you! Surround yourself with a powerful dental and healthcare team, determine which products will be your best fit and live your life in abundant health!

World No Tobacco Day | Get Legit Reasons To Quit

Tobacco is the second leading cause of cardiovascular related deaths globally! It is only preceded by high blood pressure. Today, May 31st is The World Health Organization‘s official #NoTobaccoDay.

Their message on social media this year highlights just how heart breaking smoking tobacco is. Personally, it reminds me of life’s grim reaper. Smoking tobacco, second hand smoke, and smokeless alternatives have the ability to rob you and your children of living your lives IN health. How?

View video here to “Get Legit Reasons To Quit”

Your life is meant to live IN health not in a hospital! 

Additional health risks from smoking tobacco & second hand smoke include: stroke, lung cancer & oral cancer .

Smoking while pregnant places risks for your unborn child too. Congenital heart defects while in utero, premature births and miscarriages. Even your child’s tooth development or lack of it is linked to smoking during your pregnancy! Sudden death has also been linked to infants.

Your OBGYN, physician, dentist, dental hygienist, pediatrician are key resources to have a health empowered conversation with.

Additional information on how smoking WILL impact your child’s health & quality of life is found in this read. 

Although tobacco doesn’t literally grow on trees, it IS a money tree for companies. Cigarette smoking is clearly at the top of the toxic for your health list, companies are becoming smart with marketing a new target audience. Smokeless alternatives kinda has a non-threatening vibe right?

Vaping, Juuling, etc. target your kids with their sleek look, more flavors than Baskin Robbins ice cream and offer that “hit” being you guessed it … nicotine. Nicotine is ruthless. Nicotine destroys the health of your child’s brain as it develops until age 21.

What is in vaping? How do you start the conversation with your teen?

I’ll give you resources in this vlog. View here.  


Finally, recognize the financial toll on your livelihood, health insurance, potential hospital bills, treatments for recovery, medications or worse, funeral expenses.

It’s time to ditch these sick sticks! 

Welcome your thoughts and questions from this read!

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What Zip Code Is Your Comfort Zone In?

What Zip Code Is Your Comfort Zone In? 

It was my first group motorcycle ride and my excitement to experience what I call “cage-free” living was palpable. Being new to the group and to riding, I began this adventure in a certain comfort zone. The first day our ride took us out on Peachy Canyon. Twenty minutes in, my adrenalin was pumping… fun, freedom and…fear. The tension increased in my grip, my neck felt tight as I clenched my teeth and there was a moment when, I questioned my both my ability & sanity.

Living in the moment is rewarding unless your gear is fear.
Courage and fear are equally accessible to us, the latter lives in the neighborhood of mediocrity. If I was truly going to experience this ride, then my comfort zone must move to it’s new zip code.

Courage is kryptonite for your comfort zone  

There’s nothing like enjoying the miles and miles of untouched land. Breathtaking views as you reach the top of a mountain, the sensation of peace, joy, and immense gratitude that stirs your soul till you notice yourself smiling so BIG you don’t care that you’ve just eaten a school of gnats!

In order to reach your next destination, you must recognize that certain comfort zones have a date of expiration

What about you? How long has your comfort zone in your personal life or business been living in the same zipcode? Make time to invest in your growth!

Share your story of how your life is enhanced from moving to a new comfort zone!

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