How To Handle Political Posts From A Colleague

We’ve all seen it. Political posts that say if you are a part of this party, then I’ll unfriend you. What? What if I don’t share your faith? Do you like me less because I’m not a mom? You get the picture. 

When so many work so hard to fight labels, when did it become okay to create labels in other lanes? 

I know that some will say, so what? Keep on scrolling. It’s not so easy. What if this is a colleague with whom you collaborate on various projects? Or what if this colleague is someone you consider a mentor? Then what happens when you label a colleague who connects to another colleague and another and another? From what I’ve seen on social media, women struggle more emotionally with these posts than men. 

So, how do you handle posts that make you anxious, sad, or stressed?

  1. Pause! I bet you thought I was going to say breathe! I feel that pausing leads us to breathe. Now inhale, exhale, and release the urge to respond. Even if your intentions are good, move on. It may look like you are setting out to prove this colleague wrong with this kind of post. When has that ever been productive? 
  2. See the BIG picture. Ask yourself the following questions. Is this the person that you know? Do you believe they think you are who they refer to in their post? How would they treat you if they ran into you on the street or at a conference? Friendly? Have you collaborated with them in the past? How was that experience for you? What impact may their posts have on future collaborations with you? With this information, you now get to decide if you will sit out a few and collaborate at another time. 
  3. Words matter. Know the risks of posting political opinions. It creates division, labels, judgment, and risks. A good colleague of mine, who was also a sponsor, once enlightened me about a little thing called optics. Optics are risks. What’s the risk with political posts? Losing existing or new clients, sponsors, and colleagues, you collaborate on projects with friends and family. 
  4. Set healthy boundaries for your energy. Seeing judgemental posts give off a bad vibe, and for many women, it can wreck your morning! Don’t match that energy! Stay focused, and harness your exuberance! 

That liveliness introduces you to your next comment, client call, zoom meeting, email, etc. Think of it as a part of your image! 

Your energy is your most significant currency, so spend it wisely! 

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Back To School Tips

Back to School Tips

How To Make Parents’ Lives Easier & Their Kids’ Teeth Healthier

A recent study states that 30% of U.S. kids age 6-12 will miss school due to oral health problems. That number ends up being MILLIONS of hours that are lost … why is this acceptable?


Yes, I am passionate about this topic. It truly hurts my heart to see any child in pain from tooth decay. Kids do not have a choice regarding their health. They must be taught. It begins with their home environment. Parents, single parents, grandparents have a responsibility regarding the choices they make for their child.

Back to school routines from a summer of fun can be a challenge for both parents and kids. Here are three tips to make parents’s lives easier & their kids’ teeth healthier.

1) This time of year, you may be making appointments with your physician for vaccinations, etc. While you are making appointments, continue to invest in your child’s health by establishing them with a dental practice. Your dental hygienist can guide you on their tooth eruption pattern, suggest what juices are good to buy for lunches, offer flossing alternatives as kids’ dexterity is not floss friendly, identify if they are at a low, moderate or high risk for tooth decay, etc.

2) When you are buying back to school items for backpacks … get travel size toothbrushes & toothpaste to pack in them. Makes it easier on you when they can brush on site in the event you are on the go … and … who wants to battle when everyone is tired upon getting home late.

3) Have toothbrush holders that can either be placed on the backsplash or near the sink in your kitchen. While dinner is being made … or homework is requiring a break … parents can monitor their kids from 6-12 to ensure they are brushing … this can be accomplished anytime and on the weekends!

BONUS: Parents … do not neglect your health! Moms … place either your toothbrush or floss in the shower and indulge in the additional moments you get to yourself while doing something for your health!

Kids who have oral problems lose their focus in school, their grades will suffer, their teeth will discolor, their breath will be bad until the infection is serious enough to miss school.

Establish the value of health at an early age for your kids. They will thank you for it … when they smile!


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What Zip Code Is Your Comfort Zone In?

What Zip Code Is Your Comfort Zone In? 

It was my first group motorcycle ride and my excitement to experience what I call “cage-free” living was palpable. Being new to the group and to riding, I began this adventure in a certain comfort zone. The first day our ride took us out on Peachy Canyon. Twenty minutes in, my adrenalin was pumping… fun, freedom and…fear. The tension increased in my grip, my neck felt tight as I clenched my teeth and there was a moment when, I questioned my both my ability & sanity.

Living in the moment is rewarding unless your gear is fear.
Courage and fear are equally accessible to us, the latter lives in the neighborhood of mediocrity. If I was truly going to experience this ride, then my comfort zone must move to it’s new zip code.

Courage is kryptonite for your comfort zone  

There’s nothing like enjoying the miles and miles of untouched land. Breathtaking views as you reach the top of a mountain, the sensation of peace, joy, and immense gratitude that stirs your soul till you notice yourself smiling so BIG you don’t care that you’ve just eaten a school of gnats!

In order to reach your next destination, you must recognize that certain comfort zones have a date of expiration

What about you? How long has your comfort zone in your personal life or business been living in the same zipcode? Make time to invest in your growth!

Share your story of how your life is enhanced from moving to a new comfort zone!

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Why Your Pharmacist May Be Wrong!

Ever feel overwhelmed with ALL of the options you have to choose from for over the counter dental care? How do you know which product will be your best fit for your current state of dental health?

This week Pharmacy Times had an exclusive segment on the Today Show to reveal their 2016 OTC Guide! Basically, it is the top products that pharmacists recommend.

It was a great segment! Here are TWO  things you should know to make an informed decision.
I explain more in this week’s vlog.  First, the mouthwash recommended has 21.6% alcohol in it! YIKES!!

Can we say … dry mouth? When you go to a pharmacist, you are getting a prescription medication. Many of those have an oral health side effect … you guessed it … dry mouth.
Dry mouth is a very serious and painful condition.

 This week’s vlog shares how many ways dry mouth will impact your life. Please Share & Subscribe!

Ask your pharmacist for an alcohol free mouthwash. Even better, visit your dental hygienist for your wellness visit and ask what your current state of oral health is. Review your medication list and whether you are taking any over the counter medications that contribute to dry mouth.

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5 Things To Know About YOUR Oral Cancer Screening

Understand that conversations about the risk factors for oral cancer may feel uncomfortable for both patients and their dental hygienists.

Avoiding uncomfortable conversations about risk factors doesn’t save lives. Click To Tweet! 

It isn’t just cigarette smoking. Dig deeper and ask about e-cigs, hookah, cigar smoking lifestyle choices. 
HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. It is a lifestyle risk factor. Your patients deserve to know this AND what symptoms to notice in their mouth. 
Now that the initial conversation has begun, the next 3 actions are where training proves the most valuable.

Think of it as an extra-oral + intra-oral Tour de Tissue screening for health that may save your life.

Interested in a PDF  “5 actions” check list to take to your dental professional  click here
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5 Health Reasons For Chapped Lips

Climate changes contribute to dry, flaky, chapped lips! This can be so sore depending on the location! If it is around the corner of your lips, it makes opening your mouth to eat a painful experience! And what is the ONE thing most of us continue to do in effort to “feel” a sense of relief? We lick our lips! 

Saliva has digestive enzymes … which have zero impact in moisturizing our lips! I know this and yes … still do it! 

View what 5 health reasons can cause chapped lips & what lip balms to consider! 

Do you have a lip balm that you have found helpful to protect your pout? Comment and share! So we can …. Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It


Cervical Cancer, HPV, Oral Cancer: Education Is A Conversation

Education begins with a conversation. Cervical cancer survival rates have improved dramatically in the past 3 decades. Oral cancer has not. Why?

I believe an alliance must be formed by OBGYN and their team with dentists and their team in effort to save their patient’s lives. HPV is a risk factor for cervical cancer and oral cancer. What I find perplexing is how much resistance there is to have a discussion about prevention, risks and ask for screenings that can identify the current state of health. Early detection saves lives. Click this link for CDC facts on cervical cancer and HPV screening

View how a conversation can be started on this week’s vide blog; ask your dental hygienist about oral cancer screenings via technology and how HPV is a risk factor. 
It isn’t about sex; it’s about cancer.  

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Award Winning Author Delivers Your 2016 Success and MORE!!

This week’s blog is short and content packed
Excited news to share with dental professionals who are attending our first major dental meeting, Yankee Dental Congress, this January! 

As the Holiday Season continues; take time to reflect on what it is you would like to accomplish for 2016! My friend and colleague Randy Pennington, an award winning author delivers how to make your 2016 a success! 

Wrapping it up; my weekly video blog Anastasia’s Hump Day Happenings shares the results of a survey asking dental hygienists what would be on their wish list! Dentists and dental patients … take a listen! 

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How To Get Whiter Teeth This Holiday Season!

With Americans spending 1.4 Billion dollars on beauty/cosmetics each year; the battle between beauty and the bleach continues to strengthen.

Obviously, I’m in favor of a brighter, whiter smile. People DO notice teeth and your smile. What concerns me is how YouTuber Beauty Experts are discussing teeth whitening products. Their fan bases are HUGE and their impact is evident. Another concern is the lure of mall kiosks who offer this service and finally the beauty stores that offer OTC (over the counter) products. What is lacking? 

A college degree in oral health, being a dentist, dental hygienist or dental assistant. Then passing national boards, clinical boards and state law exams. Having a current license which is obtained by many continuing education programs, some of which do rigorously address teeth whitening and how to best determine which product(s) will safely and effectively deliver results. 

If you want your teeth white; make sure you do it right! View this week’s vlog Hump Day Happenings below … 

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Diabetes, Diet and Dental Health

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

Whether you are living with Type 1 or 2 diabetes; oral health problems are a concern. 

Below are 2 of my weekly vlogs sharing what you should know regarding diet, medications, gum 

problems, pregnancy, A1C number and neuropathy. 

These are things your dentist and dental hygienist should be discussing with you and your 

 entire medical team. 

May these give you valuable information in a fun format ….. because dentistry can be a dry topic!

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