Back To School Tips

Back to School Tips

How To Make Parents’ Lives Easier & Their Kids’ Teeth Healthier

A recent study states that 30% of U.S. kids age 6-12 will miss school due to oral health problems. That number ends up being MILLIONS of hours that are lost … why is this acceptable?


Yes, I am passionate about this topic. It truly hurts my heart to see any child in pain from tooth decay. Kids do not have a choice regarding their health. They must be taught. It begins with their home environment. Parents, single parents, grandparents have a responsibility regarding the choices they make for their child.

Back to school routines from a summer of fun can be a challenge for both parents and kids. Here are three tips to make parents’s lives easier & their kids’ teeth healthier.

1) This time of year, you may be making appointments with your physician for vaccinations, etc. While you are making appointments, continue to invest in your child’s health by establishing them with a dental practice. Your dental hygienist can guide you on their tooth eruption pattern, suggest what juices are good to buy for lunches, offer flossing alternatives as kids’ dexterity is not floss friendly, identify if they are at a low, moderate or high risk for tooth decay, etc.

2) When you are buying back to school items for backpacks … get travel size toothbrushes & toothpaste to pack in them. Makes it easier on you when they can brush on site in the event you are on the go … and … who wants to battle when everyone is tired upon getting home late.

3) Have toothbrush holders that can either be placed on the backsplash or near the sink in your kitchen. While dinner is being made … or homework is requiring a break … parents can monitor their kids from 6-12 to ensure they are brushing … this can be accomplished anytime and on the weekends!

BONUS: Parents … do not neglect your health! Moms … place either your toothbrush or floss in the shower and indulge in the additional moments you get to yourself while doing something for your health!

Kids who have oral problems lose their focus in school, their grades will suffer, their teeth will discolor, their breath will be bad until the infection is serious enough to miss school.

Establish the value of health at an early age for your kids. They will thank you for it … when they smile!


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