Why Your Pharmacist May Be Wrong!

Ever feel overwhelmed with ALL of the options you have to choose from for over the counter dental care? How do you know which product will be your best fit for your current state of dental health?

This week Pharmacy Times had an exclusive segment on the Today Show to reveal their 2016 OTC Guide! Basically, it is the top products that pharmacists recommend.

It was a great segment! Here are TWO  things you should know to make an informed decision.
I explain more in this week’s vlog.  First, the mouthwash recommended has 21.6% alcohol in it! YIKES!!

Can we say … dry mouth? When you go to a pharmacist, you are getting a prescription medication. Many of those have an oral health side effect … you guessed it … dry mouth.
Dry mouth is a very serious and painful condition.

 This week’s vlog shares how many ways dry mouth will impact your life. Please Share & Subscribe!

Ask your pharmacist for an alcohol free mouthwash. Even better, visit your dental hygienist for your wellness visit and ask what your current state of oral health is. Review your medication list and whether you are taking any over the counter medications that contribute to dry mouth.

Till next time,

Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It!


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