How To Get Whiter Teeth This Holiday Season!

With Americans spending 1.4 Billion dollars on beauty/cosmetics each year; the battle between beauty and the bleach continues to strengthen.

Obviously, I’m in favor of a brighter, whiter smile. People DO notice teeth and your smile. What concerns me is how YouTuber Beauty Experts are discussing teeth whitening products. Their fan bases are HUGE and their impact is evident. Another concern is the lure of mall kiosks who offer this service and finally the beauty stores that offer OTC (over the counter) products. What is lacking? 

A college degree in oral health, being a dentist, dental hygienist or dental assistant. Then passing national boards, clinical boards and state law exams. Having a current license which is obtained by many continuing education programs, some of which do rigorously address teeth whitening and how to best determine which product(s) will safely and effectively deliver results. 

If you want your teeth white; make sure you do it right! View this week’s vlog Hump Day Happenings below … 

Thank you for viewing!

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