3 Things To Learn From Lady Gaga’s NFL Performance

3 Things To Learn From Lady Gaga’s NFL Performance

NFL Super Bowl 50 was the 3rd most watched TV broadcast in U.S. history!

Whether your teams played, or you wanted to watch the much anticipated half time show, Lady Gaga’s performance singing our National Anthem remains the highlight for many. 

3 Things We Can Learn From Lady Gaga’s Triumphant Performance
1. Learn To Infuse Emotion. 
She sang with heart, conviction and vulnerability that somehow reached every single one of us. Remember that goose bump feeling or how your eyes teared with such a sense of pride and joy to be an American that moment? Inject the power of emotion into your business, presentations, articles and clients. 
2. Prepare for the Dare. 
The initial announcement that Lady Gaga was chosen to sing our National Anthem at Super Bowl 50 may have had some thinking …. the entire NFL was suffering from concussions. 
Can you imagine the preparation for this incredibly majestic & musically challenging anthem? Lady Gaga accepted this dare and weaved her robust vocal range into an exceptional experience few had every accomplished. She had a new opportunity to grow and blaze another trail instead of being the same and stale. 
Do you seek new opportunities or are you stale? What strategies can you hold yourself accountable for professional growth. 
What would it be like IF you prepared new stories FOR your audiences, expanded your robust vocal range FOR your tribe on your blog, coaching, product development, video, presenting, clinical skills? I DARE you to see what happens!

3. Brand Awareness. 
Lady Gaga IS a brand. SHE breathes it.
It isn’t about reinventing. It’s about being fully aware of who you serve. It’s about strengthening your ability to willingly adapt and deliver the connection you created with your clients, patients or audiences. When you inhale innovation and invite diversity you’re on the right track baby … 

Thank you for joining me on this road trip! 
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