How To Help Ukraine People And Pets

Gibbs is helping me do our research before we donate!

Every day we see the courageous stories of the people in Ukraine. Millions are either fleeing or fighting for their freedom. Many of us want to do something, yet uncertain where to start or who to trust. Here are some unique ways to give with confidence to help provide shelter, food, medicine for the Ukrainian people and their pets.

Top four questions to ask a charity before you donate.

1) How much of your donation will go to provide relief?
2) What is the charity’s experience with disaster relief?
3) Is that charity established in Ukraine? Are they working with “Partners,” and who are they?
4) Are they transparent with their financial health? Are they accountable and sustainable?

Once you decide which nonprofit has your heart, be smart with your money and avoid scam artists.

Here are four ways to avoid scams;

1) Independently go to that nonprofit website to donate to confirm your money went to the right place. I like to follow them on social media to get a sense of who they are and how they are working to help both people and animals.
2) No gift cards.
3) No wire transfers
4) Use a credit card as they have protective services.

Guest segment on Bloom

Now that you have a strategy to help, what are some unique ways that you can help?
To provide shelter or temporary housing, you may consider checking out Airbnb.
To help pet shelters and zoos, you may want to check out these two articles, Today and Daily Paws.
I’ve created a FREE PDF with these resources and more.

Finally, did you know that giving has health benefits? Giving fosters our social connection reduces our stress, and releases endorphins that promote tranquility and peace. Peace is the ultimate goal for everyone.

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