How Parents Can Treat Their Kids Cold Sore!

Kids get cold sores too! They are painful and highly contagious! Did you know that many cold sores get misdiagnosed on younger adults as a canker sore? TRUTH!

What is the difference? How will your child know what to tell you? What can you do to lessen the duration of their cold sore?

The main difference between a canker sore & a cold sore: Canker sore is NOT a virus. 
Cold Sore Triggers:
Stress, Sunshine, Anxiety, Hormonal Changes & Weak Immune System
7 Tips To Treat Your Child’s Cold Sore
1. Place ice on it. Kids will not understand the tingling sensation in their lip, which is a symptom before the breakout of the lesion. Biting the lip will not help. Ice will help give some relief. 
Ask your child what their lip feels like to help you understand. For example, Does your lip “itch”? Does their lip feel “funny” “swollen” “puffy” , etc. 
2. Apply sunscreen lip balm. Even in these months of gray! Studies have shown that sunscreen can even prevent cold sore occurrences for those whose trigger is … sun exposure. 
3. Diet suggestions include;
Immune Boosting Foods, Vit C, Vit E, Zinc, Amino Acid L-Lysine
Hydration is key! Water is the best choice. 
4. Decrease sugar in-take. You may think that hydration includes juices, soda or other choices. Be cautious and check out the label for how much sugar is actually in that drink. 
Sugar can inhibit Vit B absorption. Vit B is known to reduce stress. Stress … a cold sore trigger! 
5. Hand hygiene before and after every cold sore cream application. Some product recommendations are more than a few times a day! Clean hands will prevent the virus from spreading to your eyes, face, mouth or infecting others. 
6. Never EVER share your cold sore treatment products. Once your lesion has healed, toss that product. This is one time where sharing is not caring! 
7. Oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth can be a challenge depending upon the size of the cold sore and location. Once that lesion has healed, to avoid a potential reoccurrence, replace your toothbrush. 
Cheers to your health!
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