3 Tips I Learned From Meryl Streep’s Speech

Meryl Streep received the Golden Globes Cecil B. DeMille award this past week. Before you read on, the tips that I learned from her award speech are from my view as a professional speaker, social media influencer, video host & author. 
1. Captivate Your Audience Not Hold Them Captive

 Does your message make your audience feel imprisoned or forced to stay. If your audience asks for ransom to get out of your message, mentally or physically, you missed your mark in delivering value. The GIF above is a great example of both during this award speech. Warren looks captivated and Colin looks like … mentally he is trying to escape. 

Finger pointing is sign language for name calling.

2.  Eloquence is not excellence. 

Meryl was eloquent. Not excellent. Excellence unites your audience, it does not divide them or invite political opinions that can negatively charge emotions.
You do not have to be eloquent to be excellent. 
3. Excellence is the experience for your audience.
It is inclusive. It is intimate. It is inspiring. It is authentic. It is vulnerability and humility infused into a very palpable sense of gratitude. One example is Matthew McConaughey’s speech at 2014 Oscars
Take your audience on a ride that cultivates an inclusive experience called excellence!
Below is my LIVE FB video discussing these points that was uploaded to YouTube.
Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It

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