5 Least Favorite Words To Describe Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was a historic storm. It was a rare Category 5 and unpredictable storm. The media gave us the facts for Irma’s size, strength and projected paths. It was time to being the preparation of safety for our families, pets, automobiles & homes.

With most of the country viewing the updates and listening to the shock-n-awe words describing Irma’s impact, a veil of anxiety wrapped tightly around an already emotionally charged nation.

Here are FIVE least favorite words to describe Hurricane Irma;

1) Slamming

2) Shredding

3) Punishing

4) Pounding

5) Hammering


So I thought, what would these words sound like IF a dental professional would use them to describe the health of your smile?

1) Gum disease is pounding away at the bone that holds your teeth in your mouth. It is punishing your health as inflammation & inflection are now hammering the arteries to your heart and brain.

2) Pre-term births are shattering previous records as uncontrolled gum disease is relentless during pregnancy.

3) Drinking Prosecco is shredding your tooth enamel.

4) Oral malodor / bad breath is like a “nuclear” Hurricane for intimacy, self esteem, employability and possibly profitability.

5) Many medications & life style habits are now hammering away at the health of your smile.

 In a time when crisis holds court with emotions highly charged with frustration or fear, words will have an impact. Make that impact an influential one for applicable information for preparation & safety verse for a palpable media sensation.

View Video 5 Least Favorite Words To Describe Hurricane Irma  

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