Kids, Dogs, and Danger in Hot Cars

Every summer, heatstroke claims the lives of children and pets who are left in hot cars.

What can you do if you have your kids or pets with you in the car running errands?

Here are the facts; heatstroke is the number 1 cause of death in an automobile for kids under age 14! Isn’t that crazy?

Newer cars will have technology placed to help prevent this tragedy yet what if you don’t have a new car? I’d suggest leaving your purse, computer or anything you will need to take with you once you get to your destination in the back seat with your infant or young child.

What about your pets? Did you know your pet can die in your hot car in as little as 6 minutes? I’ll give you 5 tips to follow when you are running errands in the summer heat!

  1. Drive Up Services. Go online and order via stores like Walmart or Target. Utilize their drive up services! This is SO convenient! Your pet will thank you too!
  2. Cooling Pet Products.Even though you are in your car, air conditioning will not be the “fix” to keep your pet cool. Check out the various cooling pet products like a vest, bandanna, or collar. It will help to keep them at a healthy core temperature.
  3. Water. Always take water for yourself & kids, yet your pets will benefit from it also.
  4. Doggy Daycare. Even a 1/2 day gives you the freedom to get your errands accomplished without sacrificing the health of your pet.
  5. Dogwalker. If you don’t have a neighbor to ask to check in on your pet, you can look into options like Rover, or Wag.

Be the person your dog thinks you are; DON’T leave them in your hot car!


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