How To Make Money At Home During COVID-19 Crisis | Selling Clothing Online

How can you make money from home while going through our health crisis being COVID19? By cleaning out your closet! I’ll share 2 platforms that continue to work successfully for me.

Do you have clothes, shoes, purses, costume or other jewelry, etc. that you do not wear anymore?

Here are 5 steps to your online selling success with Tradesy and Poshmark 1) Create an account on both platforms because it gets your items seen by more people.

2) Photos of your items. Use your smartphone. Make sure the background is not busy. This is where you begin your customer’s experience. Take front and back, any accents you believe that may not be seen + the tag that shows the brand name and size.

3) Get a notebook and write as this is what you will reference when you upload your pictures. Write out the brand name, size, inseam, or any relevant measurements of the item you are selling. Write about what you would look for when you shop online! These are valuable keywords! Women’s’ Top, long sleeve, short sleeve, activewear, etc. Next tell a story about your items, like how that customer would wear it, with what shoes or accessories. Can this go from day to night, etc.

4) Price. Determine your price and view it often. You can change it or lower it accordingly.

5) Shipping. You are offered either shipping by these companies or you pay for shipping. Your choice. Just pack your item with tissue paper and a thank you note to your customer.

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