Health News Just In Time For The Holidays!

I’m almost as excited as Jim Carrey’s character, Ace Ventura, to share the following news with you!

FIRST: Did you know that only ONE power toothbrush has received the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance? It is a BIG deal! My weekly vlog will share 3 reasons why this honor will influence what products we buy and what products are recommended to your patients by YOUR team.

The question is has your dental professional shared this information with you? Have you seen it on their dental practice social media pages?

I can tell you that I have not seen it and yes I DO check dental practice fan pages! Why aren’t they informing their patients of this HUGE honor when 3 out of 5 of their patients will invest in the oral health product you recommend? 

SOLUTION: I’ve provided you my weekly vlog below that shares this information in a fun way! SHARE it! When your smile is fit, your health reflects it!

SECOND: I’ve had the honor to be a source in a Reader’s Digest article regarding the potential of over prescribing antibiotics for dental treatment. Check out the vlog! I’ve given you a link of the 7 questions to ask your dentist in a PDF for FREE!

Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It!

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