What My Mom Taught Me About Giving Back

It was July 2016. I was SO excited to show my mom my Harley. This was the last picture of my mom and I. It would also be the last time I would ever feel her hug me or see her again.

My mom planted the seeds for serving others very early for me. Every week we would drive over to a senior apartment building to see a woman named “Jesse”. We would take her to lunch & get her groceries. When Jesse’s health was failing her, we continued to visit every week in the nursing home until she passed. Most Sunday’s mom went to 2 homes to share the gospel with our aging as our church’s Eucharistic minister after church. 
As a child, sometimes these visits felt like they would go on forever! Can you imagine how difficult it was to sit through a Catholic mass AND those visits with undiagnosed ADHD? 
Perhaps that is why my path of service is slightly different. In 2014, Bonnie Hixson & I decided to raise money by skydiving for Oral Cancer Cause. In 2 days, we raised $5,000, which meant you supported our mission or wanted to push us out of a plane. You did join us on social with the hash tag #LeapWithUs.
In 2016, Julie Varney & Lisa Rogers approached me to collaborate with their mission. It is designed to add value to a child’s life via health & wellness encompassing My First Dental Visit.  
What I learned from my mom is that our role to serve others in our profession or community may be a multi-faceted responsibility. What I learned from my mom is how to add value to someone’s life. What I learned from my mom is that our intentions serve others becomes a reality when our actions are the breath for hope, healing, health & wellness. 

Join us by supporting Team Anastasia
This Friday is her earthly birthday. I’ll be dedicating my part in this weekend’s event as we continue to … 
Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It

Thank you to Crest Oral-B, Buffalo Harley Davidson, Revenue Well, IgniteDDS, IgniteDA, The Progressive Dentist Magazine, Odyssey Management,  Thank you Tracy Willis, Kris Walters, Michelle Wilson, Nancy Brohawn, Lev Sudakov, Dan Staversky, Khedjia Nottingham, Christopher Pitts and Jeffrey Maloff! 
 Thank you to Alex Nudel who will be riding with me and to James Wanamaker who will be representing us on the track!  Follow me LIVE on social via #Harley4Kids #AmericasDentalHygienist #ToothFairyRun17 #MyFirstDentalVisit

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