Why Debates Are Dog Fights Without Bite

Why Debates Are A Dog Fight Without Bite

Debates are created for constructive discussion. Expressing  your opinion in a way that connects emotionally and intellectually on topics in 2 minutes is not an easy task for most of us. 

Yes there is a strategy and yes someone is determined as a winner. 
Debates do not determine your worth as a leader. What will determine your worth as a leader will depend on the degree to which your bite is worse than your bark. 

1) Making Size Matter

Before you speak, pause. Your comment doesn’t have to be lengthy. It doesn’t have to be eloquent. It has to be relevant & thought provoking so it is memorable. 
Comments in recent Presidental debates about “small hands” are neither relevant or thought provoking regarding anyone’s worth as a leader. Is the comment memorable? Yes. Is it one that represents a leader? 
The size of your comment can define your worth. Small, well thought out bite size comments that contribute to a solution are more impressive in the minds of those you are trying to sway. 

2) A Dog Fight Without Bite 

Presidential debates seem to be one of theatrics. Tossing candidates into a ring to battle can be laborious to watch and to a degree, punishing to listen to. So much growling, snapping,pawing,and nipping until finally blood is drawn.  

How that blood is drawn is often a reflection of their integrity and always has an impact on their reputation. So what about you?

When you have a valid point to make, how do you fight? 

We’ve all heard about a dog’s bark being worse than his bite. And when no candidate sinks their teeth into an issue, all we’re left with is noise..
So…before you debate, determine what dog you have in the fight. Decide what are you willing to do to battle your point with credibility. 

A leader fights fiercely with conviction and awakens your soul. Think of barking as your intention. You intend to state your case, make a change, overcome a challenge. Your bite though, is action … with teeth. A leader’s bite at times must be worse than their bark. That action when applicable will be what determines your worth. 

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