Why Customer Experience Builds Brand Loyalty

Recently I had the opportunity to interview John Brinkworth, owner of Buffalo HD.  John and team took home HD’s very prestigious Platinum Award.  Translation…out of 590 dealerships in the US, they are in the top 1%.   
Think about that for a minute.  What comes to mind when you think of Buffalo, NY?  Yes, the powdery white stuff and a lot of it…for 6 months a year.  What I’d add that many don’t know…Buffalo is consistently ranked as the second poorest city in America.  So what can John teach us about customer loyalty? Click here
Top 1% Customer Experience:
1. Know your customers’ name
From dealerships to dental practices, the experience feels the same when someone there knows your name. When being a number reflects the initial tone of your experience, you should feel a tapping on your shoulder by your guardian angel of reality.

~ Reality wakes up loyalty ~

2. Know what they ride.
I drive an Acura MDX.  I’ve had it serviced at the same dealership for 8 years.  And although my service has been great, computer age and all, what do you imagine the first question they ask me once they’ve finally figured out who I am? 
“What car do you drive?”
Harley knows what I ride. The year, model down to the custom rims and get this … I didn’t even buy it from them. Do you know what your customers ride?
3. Know how to create an experience.
Being a road warrior, our dog Gibbs spends a few days a month at Love Your Dog day care.  What makes us love, Lover Your Dog so much?  Here’s an example.  One simple piece of paper that shares…what Gibbs did while we were away.  What new friends Gibbs made.  That he shared his treats.  And he watched his favorite movie, Balto. Think about that.  We not only talk about how cool his report card is, we carry it, post a pictures of it and what are we discussing right here, right now?
~ Customer experiences drive a brand’s legacy ~

Problems will happen. Perfection is an illusion. Be the solution. That is an experience worthy of loyalty. 
Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It!

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