Water Fluoridation | What Parents Can Do

A viewer asked me what he can do for his kids regarding fluoride because their community does not have fluoride in their water. I applaud parents who understand the importance of prevention and how fluoride can prevent tooth decay.
For any parent who may read this; I’ve got 5 options for you to consider regarding your kid’s teeth & dental care. 
1) Check into your state to see if you have water fluoridation. It will then lead you to a list of counties. Click your county to discover water fluoridation. 
2) Schedule your child’s dental visit. ADA recommends by their first birthday. I’ve personally seen children in my career by age 2. This is important to establish their risk for tooth decay ranging from low to high. We are also able to provide your child with a fluoride varnish that will contribute to strengthening tooth enamel. 
3) What toothpaste or mouth rinse is your child using. If under age 6, it should be fluoride – free. Young children must be monitored because they can swallow toothpaste and mouth rinses much easier than spitting them out. 
4) Fluoride can be in supplements dispensed by your pediatrician. Your child may also receive a fluoride varnish treatment at your pediatrician’s office. The awesome thing about fluoride varnish is that kids can’t swallow it! Yay! 
5) Be aware of what you eat. Fluoride can be in pesticides, mechanically de-boned meat and some bottled water or teas. 
For the enthusiast reader … Click here for American Dental Association’s 71 page guide on water fluoridation 
Tooth decay is an epidemic for our children in the USA. It hurts my heart to witness young kids in pain, be made fun of because their teeth are rotting or breath is bad from decay, know that they miss millions of hours of school every year because of tooth pain, lose focus in school, get lower grades and in some extreme cases it is life threatening. 
Tooth decay IS preventable. This chronic, active bacterial infection can be prevented! Parents must be pro-active and choose to guide their child onto the pathway to health. 
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