Halloween Safety Tips For Pets

Halloween Candy Isn’t The Only Dangerous Thing For Your Pets! 

1. Candy isn’t a Treat! 

Chocolate is toxic! 
Depending up on the size of your pet and the amount ingested it could be deadly! 
Symptoms: Muscle tremors, loss of bladder control, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, heavy breathing
Xylitol is toxic! 
This sugar substitute is ONLY for humans! It is found in candy, gum, mints. The amount ingested can lead to liver failure, drop in blood sugar and pancreatitis. 

2. Pet ID

Having a tag on your pets collar or microchip will help others in getting your pet safely home.  You can also give your pets information on the apps mentioned below. 

3. Put Away Glow Sticks

Cats more than dogs will play with these. They can chew them until the stick opens. Most are labeled non-toxic yet will taste bitter, causing a lot of salivation, plus possible ingestion of the plastic pieces may cause obstruction. 
Additional items that will cause bowel obstruction are party favors that are small, costume accessories and even decorations. 

4. Calm Is Best

It’s best to have your pets in a room that will not be so loud with sounds, screams or basically chaos. Have music or TV for background sound and give them a new treat/toy to focus on. 

5. Emergency Number for Vet

Download Pet First Aid (American Red Cross) or ASPCA mobile pet safety app. 
Keep your vet number in emergency contacts on your phone or on your refrigerator in the event you need it. 
Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It

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