Suicide Prevention: How To Use Social Media To Help Someone Today

After hearing about Kate Spade’s death, I felt compelled to learn other suicide prevention resources that I had not previously known about and share them with my tribe. What I found is an empowering call to action for each of us who may know someone who is struggling emotionally.

Make no mistake; mental health is an all-inclusive club. Its membership doesn’t require a certain amount of financial wealth; it doesn’t seek a preference to faith, gender, geography or employment.

Can you imagine the extreme exhaustion one may feel as they prepare for this emotionally painful battle each and every day? I can’t.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. FACT: The most recent figures released by the CDC show that the highest suicide deaths among women is between the ages of 45-64. Make time to familiarize yourself with how to recognize behaviors or warning signs.

Social media is one of the most profound ways you can be proactive regarding suicide prevention. Now, you can choose the platform, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or SnapChat to show your concern or remain anonymous.

View my vlog for a step-by-step example.

suicide Thumbnail

Truth: learning about the resources available for suicide prevention invites us to be proactive for ourselves or those we love.  Applying those resources to offer a helping hand, however is what makes a difference.

Paying attention to behaviors guides us to know when the time is right to reach out and talk. Be in a space that holds peace & kindness before any conversation. This space needs to be free from any perceived labels or judgments.


Life is often more difficult for those around us than we are allowed to see. Do not underestimate the power of your supportive call to action.

Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It!













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