3 Branding Lessons From The Reign Of Prince

“Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people ~ Prince”

The Purple Reign of Prince

Brand association.  It speaks to us through a name, a symbol and even a color. No one knew that better than Prince…well and maybe Warner Bros in 1993. And as his music and memory will live on, so will these three brand lessons I learned from his purple reign.

    1. Your Brand Is A Relationship Not Ownership

Prince was his brand. He breathed it. He knew his brand would thrive on relationships built by him, not for him. He  emotionally reached his audience with an encouraging sense of freedom not force. He built trust, nurtured loyalty and, as a result, experienced massive profitability. 

The only ship your brand should set sail on is the relationship. 

Ownership dictates who you are to others. In my industry, I’ve witnessed the HUGE decision our future leaders in dentistry must make following graduation: 
(1) group or corporate dental practices that have pre-determined brands and messaging or (2) private practices that nurture their own message and cultivate their brand of who you are … celebrate your core values. 

2. You’re An Influencer 

Prince knew his niche and grew within it. He networked and empowered his followers and fellow influencers. 

Harnessing the power of influence in your niche demands you to be relentless in creating content and strategizing when and where your content will be seen. You’ll need to actively connect with your audience on social platforms and take calculated risks you believe are in alignment with your reputation. 

3. Rejection & Relevance

Do you know how many times Purple Rain was turned down by Hollywood?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard no. Rejection only stings. It isn’t poisonous. It’s a detour. Shift gears and evaluate your value added verses value perceived services. Become even more resourceful in your network. Engage in groups on social platforms. Encourage feedback and apply it. Enhance your relevance with your audience. 

Detours drive us to explore possibilities whose destination is the highway of yes.  

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Take What You Learn & Make A Difference With It



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